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It’s a Stroopwafel Easter!! 

As you may, or may not, already know – I love Stroopwafel. As in I really LOVE Stroopwafel. 

I ❤️ Stroopwafel! 

It won’t be a suprise then that I got very excited to find that there is a specialist Stroopwafel export service!! Yay!! 

Run by Marnix direct from the Netherlands, they have a wide range of Stroopwafel and associated products – warming racks, giant Stroopwafel. Mini Stroopwafel, Stroopwafel cake mix and Stroopwafel liquor which is DEEEELICIOUS! 

You can see the full product range and order direct from 

Thanks Marnix for getting these products out to me so quickly! In the meantime – I’m off to overdose on Stroopwafel products!! 


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