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House Concert Season Begins

The Big Gay Al Presents John Statz

Poster for The Big Gay Al Presents John Statz

As we head towards the 1/2 way point in April, the first The Big Gay Al Presents House Concert is approaching rapidly. 

May 1st features John Statz here to promote his new album,  The Fire Sermon. John is coming all the way from Denver, Co. and this will be his second house concert for us. 

His first single off the new album is called Cashmere. It really shows off his gorgeous voice and song writing ability. You can hear a sneak preview on SoundCloud if you click HERE

For the previous John Statz house concert, we introduced the now famous Statz Bratz – Bratwurst cooked in beer and served with whole grain mustard and sticky, beer glazed onions. They were absolutely delicious (if I say so myself)! 

Camp Fire Tripod Grill and Fire Tray

Camp Fire Tripod Grill and Fire Tray

This time round I will be serving a campfire supper, to include home made baked beans rich with molasses and pork belly. There will of course be a vegan option as well, and I shall be preparing my Vegan BBQ Ribs. 

Never one to not go all out when I do an event, I have acquired a campfire grill and Fire tray which will be used on the evening to cook over a wood fire. I even bought an axe to chop my own wood – now that’s dedication. All I need now are some leather chaps, a Stetson and a gingham shirt right?! 

I have already sold 20% of the tickets that were released last weekend. The tickets themselves are actually free, but we ask a minimum £10 donation for the artist and that you bring your own bottle. We can then supply the free campfire supper and continue to bring you great international acts! 

If you want further information then you can contact me or subscribe;

There are still tickets available at the time of writing. You can get them at the Eventbrite page here 


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