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Swedish Meatballs


Yesterday Matt and I had a day out at IKEA. A day out? Yup pretty much – there seem to be a number of hitherto unwritten rules about a trip to the gods of flat pack furniture;

You can’t ‘pop in’ – a visit to IKEA is going to be at least 5 hours long. Probably 8.

You have to have lunch there and it will probably be the meatballs

You will ALWAYS spend more that you wanted to

So yes, a trip to IKEA is a long affair that definitely involves spending too much money and eating their meatballs. We both love the meatballs with the gravy and Lingonberry Jam and a good dollop of mashed potatoes on the side for me.

Matt and I are hoping to visit Sweden (and Norway and maybe Finland too) next winter for a rail trip to see the Northern Lights inside the Arctic Circle. There of course we will be looking for meatballs, assorted wilderness meats like Elk and Reindeer and some of the fine “New Nordic” cuisine at restaurants like Gastrologik. I’m looking forward to the food as much as I am the Aurora Borealis!

A trip to IKEA always makes me think of my Swedish friends – all of whom actually live in Berlin for some reason! One of them in particular, Sofia, is an awesome cook as well as a talented singer and songwriter. Back in 2012 when Sofia was touring the US in a RV (a camper van) she became adept at cooking meals with very little facilities. In fact Sofia wrote a wonderful cookbook based around her experiences on the tour and recorded several videos. One of them especially comes to mind because it was Sofia’s authentic recipe for Swedish Meatballs. So, visit to find out more about Sofia, her upcoming new album ‘Big Sky Country’ (there’s a free download to listen too as well), and see Sofia’s recipe for meatballs here on her YouTube channel.



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