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My Jamaican Guy

‘Cause he’s layed back, not worried back
Layed back, not thinkin’ back
Layed back, not layin’ back
Layed back, never holdin’ back, I said
My Jamaican guy, oh, my Jamaican guy
Oh, my Jamaican guy, my Jamaican guy

Grace Jones – My Jamaican Guy

When it’s hot and humid for a few days, like London this week, and everyone is starting to get a little tired and tetchy, you need a long cold refreshing drink. This cocktail absolutely hits the spot! I call it ‘My Jamaican Guy’ and you will need

•Dark Rum
•Ginger Beer
•Lots of ice!

Try to use a nice dark rum. Captain Morgan is ok, but Appleton Estate is better if you have it. The ginger beer must be ginger BEER and not ginger ALE – they definitely are not the same at all! You need a nice and spicy ginger – one with a good kick to it. There are some great artisanal alcoholic ginger beers available now that would be fabulous. Muddle the lime, mint, and rum with the ice in the glass. Top up with the ginger beer and drink immediately.

This cocktail is best enjoyed with friends and some Grace Jones playing in the background.



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